Full Moon Labyrinth Walks

Each month, Mercy by the Sea hosts a labyrinth walk, weather permitting. We begin by gathering in the Lyons Chapel for communal prayer and an introduction to the labyrinth. Participants then prayerfully walk the labyrinth at their own pace. The walk concludes with a cup of tea or other refreshments in the dining room.

Tips to Enhance Your Experience

The labyrinth is an ancient contemplative practice, a walking meditation. Here are some suggestions that can help deepen your experience.

  • In preparation for walking the labyrinth, you may want to take a few minutes in silence.
  • Following the meandering path toward the center, then out again and back in again is a metaphor for the twists and turns life hands to us. Be aware of your reactions to where you find yourself on the path.
  • At some point when walking the labyrinth, you are likely to encounter another person. Sometimes, you will be ahead of them on the path, sometimes behind and sometimes, walking side by side. Again, take note.
  • To walk your own pace, you may have to pass another or you may have to step aside to let another pass you. Both are appropriate labyrinth “etiquette.”
  • You may want to remain quiet for a while after leaving the labyrinth. There are benches nearby to sit in silence. Later, you may want to make notes in your journal.

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