Mary and the Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine

A live-from-Ireland online retreat with Christine Valters Paintner, Ph.D.; one of the first retreats Christine has scheduled based on her forthcoming book Birthing the Holy: Wisdom from Mary for Creativity and Renewal (Ave Maria Press, April 2022).

Saturday, March 12, 2022
10 a.m. – 1 p.m. U.S./Eastern time
$65.00 (Inquire about scholarships)

As we anticipate the Feast of the Annunciation later this month, join us for a 3-hour mini-retreat to encounter the wisdom of Mary and the sacred feminine. Mary has been given dozens of names which express different aspects of her gifts for the world. In this retreat we will focus on three of these titles.

We begin with Mary as Untier of Knots and will explore the places in our own lives which feel tangled, which get tighter the more we try to pull the threads apart. We will ask Mary to support us in loosening all the knots we carry. When we surrender control we may find more ease and clarity in our life direction.

Once we soften these places of holding on, we are invited by Mary as Our Lady of Silence to rest into the fallowness, the still heart of incubation. It is in this silence that we are deeply nourished and where we release another layer of our need to control
and yield more deeply into Mystery.

Finally, we will explore Mary as Protectress, the one who gathers us under her mantle of protection to shield us from forces that would wish us harm and to help us to protect our precious life energy from being exhausted and drained. Mary encircles us with healing light and in the process empowers us to move out into the world with more confidence and grace.

Gather with us for a sacred pause as winter slowly moves toward spring. Make a commitment to slow down and listen, to wait for the shape of what is ripening within you to emerge into fullness. We will engage in meditation, visio divina, song, gentle movement, writing explorations, and small and large group sharing to allow our bodies and hearts to speak with clarity
around our deepest longings of the heart. Mary will be our companion in her various guises, empowering us and summoning
us to live into the fullness of who we are.

Christine Valters Paintner, Ph.D. is the online Abbess of Abbey of the Arts (, a virtual monastery and global community which integrates contemplative practice and creative expression. She is the author of 18 books on spirituality, the arts, and poetry including her forthcoming Birthing the Holy: Wisdom from Mary for Creativity and Renewal. Christine lives on the wild edges of Ireland with her husband John and dog Sourney.

Sessions:  1
Date:  3/12/2022
Meeting Time:  Saturday 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Instructor:  Christine Valters Paintner
$65.00   (Class Fee)