Celtic Prayer Circle 2020

Join us as we continue to celebrate and journey through all eight Celtic seasons acknowledging their individual qualities and energies, gifts, symbols and significance. In the Celtic tradition, the changing seasons were considered “thin places” where the veil between heaven and earth lifted or was nearly transparent. In such thin places, the Celts experienced a deep sense of God’s presence especially through awareness of and alignment with the natural world.

As a community, we seek to cultivate a sense of God by celebrating each season’s special energy through prayer, reflection, chant, ritual, poetry and music, honoring the Sacred in all of creation. The Celtic Wheel of the Year offers an inspirational model and context in which to place the reality of our joys and sorrows within Nature’s rhythms: The continuing birth, death and resurrection of life.

Our prayer gathering circles coincide with sunset. Mark your calendars now for:

Free Will Offering Appreciated

Sessions:  1
Date:  11/2/2020
Meeting Time:  Monday 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM