Celtic Prayer Circle

Come and journey through the eight seasons of the Celtic Year at Mercy by the Sea. We are a community seeking to open up a sense of God through alignment with nature. Each season has a special energy which we will celebrate through prayer and ritual honoring the sacred in all of creation.

The Wheel of the Year offers a model and context in which to place the reality of our lives; the turning of the wheel represents the continuing birth, death and rebirth of life. This interaction of the personal, cosmic and sacred dimensions enables us to live with more understanding and awareness of ourselves and the rhythms of life. Each season has specific qualities that bring gifts and challenges guiding the human and spiritual journey. In keeping with Celtic custom, these gatherings will begin at sunset.

Mark your calendars now for:

  • August 1, Lughnasadh inaugurates the harvest season, the successful outcome of the working relationship between the people and the land. Cookies and tea will follow in the McAuley Dining Room.
  • September 23, Autumn Equinox celebrates the completion of the harvesting; it is a time of giving thanks.
  • November (date TBD), Samhain is the beginning the Celtic Year. The time of darkness and season of non-doing is initiated; it is a time dedicated to connection with our ancestors, those who have journeyed before us on this earth.
  • December (date TBD), Winter Solstice begins the journey of continual sinking and letting go, deeply surrendering to the Holy present in the darkness.

Sessions:  1
Date:  8/1/2019
Meeting Time:  Thursday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
$0.00   (Class Fee)